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0778-7100034 Marine Surveyor PT.Binaga Ocean Surveyor (BOS)

0778-7100034 Marine Surveyor PT.Binaga Ocean Surveyor (BOS)
Marine Surveyor

Masterbulk Pte Ltd

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Masterbulk Pte Ltd is Bulk Carrier Ship's Company was established in 1995 following a major spin off from Westfal-Larsen and Co A/S in Bergen, Norway.

The company owns a total of 18 Open Hatch Gantry Crane Bulk Carriers and Additional two vessels. Their fleet operates predominantly in the handymax segment and is involved in the transportation of multi-purpose and unitised cargoes worlwide.

Interest with this company, below the contact :

Masterbulk Pte Ltd
79 Anson Road #23-01
Singapore 079906.
Phone : (65)6229 6100
Fax : (65)6222 1272
Email :

Senior Manager, Safety and Marine Operations
Mr. Ravinder Gour
Mobile: (65)9815 4520
Email :


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Masterbulk Pte Ltd