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0778-7100034 Marine Surveyor PT.Binaga Ocean Surveyor (BOS)

0778-7100034 Marine Surveyor PT.Binaga Ocean Surveyor (BOS)
Marine Surveyor

Masters, C/Officers, 2/Officers, C/Engineers (AHTS)

Seaman Job Vacancy for Need Masters, C/Officers, 2/Officers, C/Engineers (AHTS)
Job Title : Masters, C/Officers, 2/Officers, C/Engineers (AHTS)
Job Description & Requirements :
Need Masters, C/Officers, 2/Officers, C/Engineers (AHTS)

we need candidate
Masters, C/Officers, 2/Officers, C/Engineers (AHTS)
Permanent, Joining date: first week of February 2012
Work leave rotation: 2m on / 2m off

Master – 650USD/day (includes basic pay and area allowance)
Chief Mate – 475USD/day (includes basic pay and area allowance)
 Second Mate – 300USD/day (includes basic pay and area allowance
Chief Engineer – 600USD/day (includes basic pay and area allowance)

Qualifications & Experience

• Minimum 24 months seagoing experience in applied rank on AHTS (minimum
GRT 1,550 / minimum BHP 5,500) doing anchor handling, rig moves, oil
recovery, running cargo/supply
• Unlimited COC in the applied rank
• Full and valid STCW95 certification
• Fluent written and spoken English

 Please submit your CV along with a copy of your COC/GMDSS and its/their
endorsement/s, sea service recorded in your seaman's book

Indo Request


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Masters, C/Officers, 2/Officers, C/Engineers (AHTS)