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5 type of Crude Oil Carriers

There is at least any 5 type of Crude Oil Tanker Vessel Carriers in the world as now, according to Blog Berita Kapal.

These vessels carry bulk crude oil in tanks.
Tankers of less than 100,000 dwt are referred to as either "clean" or "dirty". Clean tankers carry refined petroleum products such as gasoline, kerosene or jet fuels, or chemicals. The so-called dirty vessels transport products such as heavy fuel oils or crude oil. Larger tankers usually only carry crude oil.


Size: 50,001 - 80,000 dwt

Approximate 32.2m beam limitation

This is the maximum size ship that can pass through the locks of the Panama Canal. Locks are 1000ft long by 110ft wide and 85ft deep. Panamax dimensions are: overall length (LOA) of 965ft (290m); beam of 106ft (32.3m); draft of 39.5ft (12.04m).


Size: 80,000 - 119,000 dwt

This is the largest crude oil tanker size in the AFRA (Average Freight Rate Assessment) tanker rate system.


Size: 120,000 dwt - 150,000 dwt

This is the maximum size crude oil ship that can pass through the Suez Canal in Egypt.

Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC)

Size: 150,000 - 320,000 dwt

These are very large crude oil carriers that transport crude oil from the Gulf, West Africa, the North Sea and Prudhoe Bay to destinations in the United States, Mediterranean Europe and Asia. Although VLCCs are otherwise too large, it is possible to ballast these vessels through the Suez Canal.

Ultra Large Crude Carrier (ULCC)

Size: 321,000+ dwt

These are the largest man-made vessels that move. Currently, the largest ULCC is 564,939 dwt. These ships sail the longest routes, typically from the Gulf to Europe, the United States and Asia. They are so large that they require custom-built terminals for loading and unloading.


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5 type of Crude Oil Carriers