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Mobile Moans During Watchkeeping in Duty

The below is a maritime news update on December 2011 for reader blog Berita Kapal, enjoy reading blog here, thank you for you coming again in the future
Mobile Moans

There was a furore last month about watchkeeping officers having their heads turned (in the wrong direction) by modern gadgetry.

The London P&I Club's StopLoss bulletin focussed on the worrying rise of "distracted watchkeepers" and in particular the jaded ones who like to use a little entertainment to make the boring watches pass faster.

Why look into the radar or out of a window when you can play Angry Birds on your iPhone?

We are all familiar with the problems on the road, – and in the UK driving while using your mobile phone is a real no, no. Slowly it seems we are waking to the fact that watchkeepers are not adverse to light relief. While it used to be a concern that they were doing their light lists or chart corrections, now it is a whole lot worse and distractions can cause accidents.

Vessel Data Recorders provide valuable evidence after accidents and investigators (and lawyers) are now very attuned to checking whether watchkeepers were logged into Skype et al on their laptops.

Distraction is a rather subjective term – but if something goes wrong while the latest goals were flashing from Sky Sports to the wheelhouse, then you can bet a very dim view will be taken.

It is of course possible to play games, listen to music and watch TV on the Bridge without ever coming to harm...but one mistake and you are truly screwed. Perhaps it's time to leave the tech down below.


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Mobile Moans During Watchkeeping in Duty