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Orion Marine launches latest software

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Maritime software company Orion Marine has launched version 1.1 of its NAU – Integrated Vessel Management System.
The system is available in the ‘cloud’, in 45 languages, and includes an interactive training and certification module as part of the monthly subscription. No extra annual maintenance or support costs are charged.
Users can switch the language of the system to one of a list of languages which includes English (as the default), French, Indonesian, German, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Hindi, Japanese, Italian and Dutch, by selecting from the drop down list.
The previous version 1.0 is already in service for approximately 100 ships, with modules covering requisitions, planned maintenance, work planning and permits to work, electronic documentation, environmental management and risk assessment.
A variety of modules for reporting, accounting and analysis are also available.
Aquarius Maritime in Singapore has been among the first shipping companies to choose to apply the system to its fleet, with Aquarius managing director, Capt Pankaj Mohan, pointing to the integration of the multilingual tool as being of particular benefit to the company’s multinational staff.


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Orion Marine launches latest software