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25 Classification Societies of Vessel in the World

Based on research by blog Berita Kapal at least 25 Classification Societies of Vessel were famous known including BKI (Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia).

Vessel Classifications

In order to be registered, an ocean-going ship must be certified to be of a particular type and size and be maintained to certain
minimum standards. While most states (national governments) do not insist that ships be "classed," without a "class" category
there would be considerable difficulties in operating a ship, as "class" is a requirement of most insurance companies and shippers using the vessel.

Classification Societies

(shipping) Classification societies are organizations that survey and classify ships, both during their construction and operation.
They are the principal means by which standards of construction and maintenance are enforced, and ship certificates can be issued by Flag States.

Classification societies are licensed by "Flag States" to undertake this work on their behalf.

The principal classification societies are:

American Bureau of Shipping (U.S.) (ABS)
Bureau Veritas (France) (BV)
China Classification Society (CCS)
Det Norske Veritas (Norway) (DNV)
Germanischer Lloyd (Germany) (GL)
Hellenic Register of Shipping (Greece) (HRS)
Indian Register of Shipping (India) (IRS)
Korean Register of Shipping (Korea) (KRS)
Lloyd's Register of Shipping (UK) (LR)
Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (Japan) Class NK
Polski Rejestr Statkow (Poland) (PRS)
Registro Italiano Navale (Italy) (RINA)


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25 Classification Societies of Vessel in the World