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AVEVA releases latest design software

Update the details maritime news relating to AVEVA releases latest design software for reader blog Berita Kapal, enjoy reading blog here, thank you for you coming again in the future.AVEVA has released AVEVA Design Reuse 12.1, a new product which the company says will allow for copying of ship design data so it can be reused on a similar ship, allowing a standard design policy to be used on new designs.
The new software enables designers to create new designs using parts of previous designs, and to apply a standard design to a new project. Objects can be copied based on properties, attributes or dates.
AVEVA Design Reuse also allows for the definition of the material quantities and costs of similar ships to be created early in the design process, for budget estimation and project cost monitoring.
"AVEVA Design Reuse allows shipyards to make the fullest possible use of their expertise and previous designs. This cuts down design time and effort when modelling a new project," said Stéphane Neuvéglise, head of business management – marine systems, AVEVA.
"Through its adaptive capabilities, AVEVA Design Reuse can cut up to 70 per cent off the time needed to redesign a similar ship from scratch."


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AVEVA releases latest design software