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Be careful Cruise Ship Recruitment Scams

Do you want to make a career on a cruise ship or Kapal Pesiar?
for a career on a cruise ship you have to know and Be careful Cruise Ship Recruitment Scams, this posts in the blog Berita Kapal about theBe careful Cruise Ship Recruitment Scams.

The internet has made it easy to apply for cruise ship jobs online. On the other hand, it has also made it easier for criminals to trick you into the latest employment scam.
Unknowingly, job seekers respond to newspaper ads and online cruise job postings while scam artists (disguised as cruise hiring agencies) promise jobs in return for payment.
Or worse yet, the fake agencies take your personal information and drain your bank accounts by stealing your identity.
One typical scam involves fake agencies offering a job as long as you send a payment for a work permit or immigration processing fee. Other phishing scams have you entering your personal data into fake online applications. And another popular one, asks for your bank account info so that they can "direct deposit" your future paycheques.
Even Carnival Cruise Lines’ website warns of an ongoing scam in which applicants are tricked into thinking that Carnival has offered them a job. In turn the applicant is asked to pay a "uniform deposit" before joining.
In the end the cruise applicant is out money, plus there was never a job because it was a criminal posing as a Carnival recruiter.
In reality, the real cruise job (the one worth waiting for) is not bought for a fee. Reputable cruise employment agencies DO NOT charge the job seekers money.   At, we provide the A-Z Directories with links to plenty of legitimate cruise line employment agencies.
We’ve just posted a great new article called Cruise Ship Recruitment Scams which you should read right now.  You’ll also get to see a REAL example of a fake cruise ship job offer letter that you should look out for


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Be careful Cruise Ship Recruitment Scams