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What Type of Person Works on Cruise Ships?

Do you want to make a career on a cruise ship or Kapal Pesiar?
for a career on a cruise ship you have to know the character of yourself before, this posts in the blog Berita Kapal about the character of the ship such as what matched to work on a cruise ship.
What Type of Person Works on Cruise Ships?

It’s easy to understand that travel is a motivating factor behind people choosing to work on cruise ships. But, what type of person is willing to leave their family, friends and life behind for a career at sea?
Some people are looking for a complete lifestyle change. Some may have just ended a relationship and want to get away and start fresh. Some think that having cruise ship experience on their resume may further their careers on land. And, some are just looking for a new adventure.
It does take a unique person to work and live on a cruise ship, though. Just because the motivating factors are there, it doesn’t mean that a life on board will work for everyone. It can be a daunting experience to meet, get to know, work and live with a new set of crewmembers each time you join a ship for a contract.
How adaptable and flexible are you? Can you work with multiple nationalities? How easy is it for you to start communication with someone you meet for the first time?  Can you tolerate living with a cabin mate that is completely opposite from you? Will you suffer from homesickness? All of these questions determine the type of person that works onboard.
The site has many resources to help potential cruise applicants understand if a life at sea is what they want. Members of the site can also read,


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What Type of Person Works on Cruise Ships?